The Opening of The Pavilion

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The Pavilion

From the experience of the process of the shop (November 2008 until the present, and ongoing), we feel the potential and necessity to explore a new approach to public space, leading to the emergence of “The Pavilion”.

If an artist strives to achieve the flow of energy by transforming the material and exposing the mundane, they sharpen everyday perceptions through daily creative practice. How could a daily space reveal such transformative energy? How to achieve a “nature state” through certain conceptual constructions? How to nourish spiritual potential of our life through art within today’s circumstance? The Pavilion focuses on the “transformation of the seen and unseen / the material and immaterial” in art. If the material form of a work of art is “seen,” and the immaterial flow of energy it embodies is “unseen,” then what The Pavilion aims to create is a fluid space in which the seen and unseen can interact. The space invites the viewer to experience both the material and immaterial aspects of the works that are visualized, while also serving as a type of “pavilion” – a transparent space that dissolves the boundaries between interior and exterior, material and immaterial, seen and unseen.

As a “constructed natural environment”, The Pavilion leads the audience to contemplate how art can nourish spiritual potential and add to creative diversity. It takes a fresh look at how art can support life, and the role of art in today’s global political environment – the politics of daily life. In order to nourish life, The Pavilion might have to be a void with Yishi*.
* Yishi is a Chinese term, close to the meaning of “consciousness” but slightly different from consciousness; it’s more about the awareness of consciousness.

Opening: 7pm, 20th November, 2010
Dumpling Making: Emi Uemura
Sound Making: Wang Fan
Lecture: 21st , November 2010

The Pavilion, “Afternoon Talks” on 21st November, From 13:00 to 19:00
1, Preface by Emi Uemura: Calendar Restaurant
2, Mami Kataoka(Chief Curator at Mori Art Museum):Perception of Nature in Installations
3,Kang He(Novelist, Theatre Director):Body Movement within Theatre Space and Sound Attitude
4, Michael Eddy (Artist): Happy Friends Reading Club
5,Dong Bingfeng(Executive Chief Editor of Contemporay Art & Investment):What is Cinema?
6,Xu Tan(Artist):The Inefficacy of Key-ness – The Recent development of Keywords Project

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