Mirrored Gardens geological strata: Zheng Guogu: Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind

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Mirrored Gardens geological strata:

Zheng Guogu, Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind

No.6 2014_09_22_0008

Zheng Guogu, The Aesthetic Resonance of Chakra No.6, 2013-2014, Oil on canvas, 173×134cm

IMG_6312 Zheng Guoguu, Founding Yuan Ling (Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind), 2013-2014,
Oil on canvas, 154×106cm

In the environment of Zheng Guogu’s Liao Garden (an ongoing garden/land project initiated in 2000), there is the circling of the koi, and there is the intricately layered aquatic system; there is the house made of reinforced concrete, and there is the overgrown plant life; there are the tealeaves that are the compressed distillation of vegetal essences, and there is the “symbol-less” “world of pure energy” to which Zheng Guogu aspires. As though in response to this carefully constructed environment, Zheng Guogu’s paintings are dedicated to the transmission of visions of sensory energy – visions that develop according to diverse trajectories across different temporal processes until they turn into colors and images.

In the recent Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind (心能转境) series, Zheng Guogu (郑国谷) places the observational center of energy at the “heart chakra.” Located at the axis of the “chakra system,” the “heart chakra” is generally considered to be the source of emotional energy. Zheng views the expansion of the “heart chakra” to be a process resulting from an individual’s correspondence with different settings, and suggests that by using one’s heart to correspond with art’s various forms, the viewer will undergo an evolution in their mental state, leading to the opening up of new dimensions of personal perception. Alongside these explorations of energy, in Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind, Zheng is also concerned with placing paintings within types of everyday environments, as well as placing scenes depicted in paintings into the real environment, such as bringing willows and flowing streams into the space of Mirrored Gardens. The sound of the water and the voice of the heart are placed in mutual reflection and harmony, through which the possibilities of mutual transformation between one’s mental state and the environment can be explored.

This type of experimentation uses one’s own self as the medium, through which one experiences flows of energy that cannot be articulated with language. And, in the end, the endeavor invites other entities to participate in testifying to this experience. Perhaps we are merely intertwining particles in this quantum world, ceaselessly searching for a vector that can be the trajectory for our life energy.

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A Letter to a Traveller

Dear friends,

How are you doing? Hope everything is going well with you! At the transition of seasons, the “Mirror Gardens” has also experienced the changes of light, plants and space. While new “topographies” and “writings” are slowly emerging, we warmly invite you to come and wander at the Mirror Gardens in the daily opening time. We hope you all will pass through and feel the multitude of parallel worlds in various pace and from different perspectives. Let the dance of thoughts and the wandering of the body converge, and freely discover a space that belongs to you:

Zheng Guogu: Visionary World in a Changing State of Mind

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Wish you a bright and beautiful autumn, and hope to have you re-visit again in the daily process.

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