Lu Chunsheng: Vigorous shake and the after, the earth feature gets much clearer, prophecy comes into his mind

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lu EN draft2(11-12-22-58-39)

x01-展览现场 exhibition view x02-展览现场 exhibition view

exhibition view

Tumu Series
digital chromogenic inkjet print on semi-matt archival
paper, with artist frame and window mat mounting

“I always want to make thing clear, even if they are vague, to have the ambiguity clearly stated. It might be something trivial, some invisible threads and pointures.Photography could make invisible matters visible, and it has everything. If you see it, you see it.”

Lu Chunsheng

x03-展览现场 exhibition view

exhibition view

No discussion of our future ’till you stop slurping your soup and pee quietly! 
HDV, 16:9, colour, with sound, projection

“A highly skilled paint coater who had broken up with his girlfriend 45 days previously and a government inspector sent to evaluate the area stand side by side on an electric golf cart without a tarpaulin as it traverses a 500 meter U-shaped wharf”

x04-展览现场 exhibition view x05-展览现场 exhibition view

exhibition view

Father Quarreling on a Rubber Boat on the Right Side of the Waterfall
metal frame, cadpaper, iron, aluminium, medium density fibreboard, magnet,
colour pencil on used warpping paper, colour pencil on used cardpaper
dimension variable

x06-展览现场 exhibition view

1892, one morning in United States of America, a girl named Lizzie Borden pondered upon one thing over and over…”

x07-展览现场 exhibition view

“1930, Alfred Lothar Wegener in Greenland was about to return to the west coast…”

x08-展览现场 exhibition view

“1967, Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir M. Komarov has just launched and lifted off from the gound…”