Chen Shaoxiong: Anti- C.S.X.

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Opening at 4:00 pm, 14 December 2003
Date: 14 December 2003 – 14 January 2004
Place: Vitamin Creative Space

Chen Shaoxiong(born in Shantou,Guangdong Province,1962) Lives and works in Guangzhou.He co-founded “Big Tail Elephant” in 1990 with Lin yilin,Liang Juhui. Xu Tan joined later. The aim of this group is to develop critical strategies for negotiating the rapidly changing economic and urban life in South China.

Chen Shaoxiong is one of the celebrated conceptual artists in China. The points in his work are to give the questions how the familiar media from the daily life manipulate our thinking. He uses the daily life for his visual language and subvert these viewpoints by suing of various different media. In his series works about street landscape(started from 1997), Chen Shaoxiong made series of miniature three dimensional streetscapes formed by painstaking cut-outs of items, which the artist had photographed in the streets of Guangzhou. This works puts us in the position to think of the reality of fast urbanization in China and meanwhile to establish the dialogue with globalization.

In the exhibition, Anti-C.S.X, the concepts following his art career are presented and meanwhile he questioned us and put us the new view angle to  look at back the artificial reality where we live in. As Chen Shaoxiong mentioned: art may be the “Safe Mode” in the system of life,when there is problem in life, people will enter the “Safe Mode” to recover systemic installation or to kill virus;when the indubitable things become unimaginable, art is proving the credibility and reliability of those originally unimaginable ideas.

Chen Shaoxiong participated in Zone of Urgency-Venice Biennial 2003. His art pieces have been shown in the international exhibitions, P_A_U_S_E. Kwangju Biennale, South Korea,2002,Urban Creation, Shanghai Biennale, 2002;Under Construction, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo, 2002;Chinese Photography Now, Art Chicago,2001; Living in Time, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin,2001;Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival ,2000;Cities on the Move, Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst, humlebaek, Danmsrk;Hayward Gallery, London, England; Bangkok; Kiasma,Helsinki, Finland,1999; Big Tailed Elephant, Bern, Switzerland,1998; Inside Out, PS1, New York,1998.

This exhibition will give us the unimaginable scene.

Work List
Photo Installation, 2002

3rd Street – Postdamer Platz
Photo, 2001

Window XP
Projection Installation, 2003

bbs, if they are coming…
Painting Installation, 2003

Mixed Media Installation, 1996-2003

Daily Commodity(Instruction Manual)
Installation 1999-2003

Two TV News and One TV Series
Video Installation, 2003