Wang Yin: Mother and Child 2023,Mirrored Gardens, Space 1, Space 2, 2023

Wang Yin-Mother and Son 2023_延期版本


Mother and child: anyone facing these words
inevitably feels a subtle palpitation of the heart.
We are all deeply aware of the inexpressible feelings
that lie within these words,
those moments of untrammeled emotion within our personal histories -
we humans are led by these words back to our origins.

Nevertheless, beyond hinting at the basic relationships of human life,
Wang Yin’s paintings reveal no further story:
they only portray human figures nestled into each other,
giving uncanny shape to the most fundamental
and familiar of human feelings.

Based on this premise of life relationship,
the artist adopts the ethic of life as his principle for painting:
all essential elements of painting
are presented in a seemingly equal relation:
an inclusive acceptance of life’s conflicting and contradictory values.
The origin stories of the figures in these paintings remain untold,
just as the origins of our lives remain obscure to us.

Encountering Wang Yin’s paintings at such a moment,
is like undergoing a contemplation of one’s life journey.
The subtle and reserved content of these paintings
comes from emotions that have been refined and distilled.
They allow us to quietly explore the reciprocal concern
between the emotional experience of life
and the generation of images and forms.
While the “paintingly body,”
stands quietly at the boundaries of our minds,
deriving no joy from external things,
nor sorrow from life’s tragedies.




Vitamin Creative Space

Wang Yin : Mother and Child 2023
September 22, 2023 – January 21, 2024

Mirrored Gardens, Space 1, Space 2

Hualong Agriculture Grand View Garden, Panyu, Guangzhou

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