Zhou Tao:Blue and Red



Concept: Zhou Tao|Published by Han Nefkens Foundation, Bangkok Art Culture Centre and Vitamin Creative Space| 2015|164 pages|24×17cm | Language: English + Chinese

The publication Zhou Tao: Blue and Red reflects the observation and thinking process along with notes and conversations about Zhou Tao’s video Blue and Red, aiming to outline the topology, the climate and the lights in the video and exploring a way to talk about moving images.

This is a book of spectrum exposed to color of light from the reality. This is a book of motion nurtured by the moving images. As Zhou Tao described in the notes:

Overlooking the landscape
The turning reveals the torso
The athleticism of Doubling/Turning replaces looking

640-2 640-3 640-4 640-5 640-6 640-7“Revelry. Sweat. Food
Intense slumber. Panic. Aural delight
Threat. Blood clots. Death
Evaporated into a powdery substance
Like particles dancing in a beam of light.
Following the LED, clearly visible,
transforming into sheets of light, eroding, corroding, changing.
As if this purplish lava floods the street,
Grains of asphalt, white signs, zebra crossings,
Catalysts in the “situation”, constant shifts of color temperature and texture.”

(Zhou Tao: Blue and Red, p.34-35)

Photos: Vitamin Archive

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