Yan Jun:Wormhole Trip OST


Yan Jun – Wormhole Trip OST (out of stock)

CD; Publisher: Subjam/ Kwanyin Records; 2009

kwanyin 030




one hour continual sound: for travel in cosmic chaos.
one hour continual materials: from a metal pipe for waste air in The Shop, Beijing. with simple modulation (set parameters for whole material then deliver at once.)

design:Ruan Qianrui

Publishing & Copyrights: The Shop + Sub Jam/ Kwanyin Records

User Guide:

1, Please do not ware earphone or headphone to listen to
2, Please plug earphone or headphone, modify the volume to a low level, then leave it alone or hang on your dress
3, Or playback via build-in microphone of your mobile
4, Or playback via small speakers. For better result please hide speakers in draw or any place you can not see them
5, It is fit for large space or outdoor space. Any speaker can be used. Please keep the volume low
6, Please playback on repeat mode
7, Please keep in touch with me mentally


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CD sample online:http://www.subjam.org/archives/615
Other audio works: www.myspace.com/yanjunyanjun