Pavilion to the Heart’s Insight


Pavilion to the Heart’s Insight attempts to re-establish the notion of possible breakthroughs in contemporary art today, by drawing from a deep sense of self-awareness acquired from artists’s daily experiences living in “the Chinese context”. The book is dedicated to ” those restless yet profound souls/to the generation that has imposed an exile on itself”.

With Contributions of Chu Yun, Cao Fei, Tseng Yu-chin, Yang Fudong, Pak Sheung-chuen, Zheng Guogu, Jun Yang , Heman Chong, Terence Goh, Hans Ulrich Obrist | English and Chinese | Dimensions: 21.1 x 13 cm | Pages: 246 P | Vitamin Creative Space, 2008 | ISBN 978-981-05-9582-1

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