Object System: Doing Nothing (O.D.)


“Object System: Doing Nothing” (O.D. for abbreviation) is Vitamin Creative Space’s project for ARCO2004. “O.D” project cited from the philosophy thinking “Doing Nothing” by Chinese philosopher Lao Tse as the conceptual core. ” Doing nothing” does not mean really do nothing, but dose mean how to cultivate yourself from tumultuous life into empty field and finally reach the spiritual state of ” doing nothing is doing everything”. Vitamin sent this proposal to Chinese artists to invite them contributing their ideas and finally 18 artists involved into the project.
The publication collects 24 images and texts from the artists Chen Shaoxiong,Chen Wenbo,Chu Yun,Duan Jianyu,Gu Dexin,Hong Hao, Kan Xuan,Liu Chuang,Liu Ding,Lu Hao,Sha Yeya,Song Dong,Yan Lei,Yin Xiuzhen,UNMASK,Xu Tan,Xu Zhen,Zheng Guogu.

Publication Concept:Vitamin Creative Space

Editor:Hu Fang | Design:Hu Fang  Chu Yun | Pages: 48P | Dimensions: 9.2 x 9cm

©Vitamin Creative Space,Artists,2004



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