Lin Yilin:Zero Interface:Brave New World


Zero Interface:Brave New World the solo project of Lin Yilin curated by Vitamin Creative Space departs from “brick”the basic vocabulary of Lin Yilin in 90′s,extends the observation of his art practices to latest photo installation and video works, to explore how Lin Yilin’s method of perception implies an attempt to transcend the self, moving toward observing and resolving life and its issues.Therefore,A new life possibility is emerging from Lin Yilin’s artistic practice. Perhaps it will answer the question of how works can grow out of China’s “reality.”
Publication Concept/Editing: Zhang Wei  Fu Fang | Designer: Xu Shuxian | Translator: Philip Tinari  Han Yan | Proof-reading: Michael Fitzhenry
Pages: 62P | Size: 28×21.2cm
©Vitamin Creative Space 2006

Exhibithion concepet :Zhang Wei  Hu Fang |Pubication Concept /Editor: Hu Fang   | Designer: Xu Shuxian |Translator :P hilip Tinari  Han Yan|Proof reading :Michael Fitzhenry | Dimensions: 28×21.3cm |  Pages: 35P

林一林 零界点 (1) 林一林 零界点 (2) 林一林 零界点 (5) 林一林 零界点 (4) 林一林 零界点 (3) 林一林 零界点 (6)