Koki Tanata: On a day to day basis


I’m looking for a possibility in everyday activities. We use everyday objects, but I think we use them unconsciously, even when we just use a cup, we never rethink about what a cup is. It is a functional tool for us. But if we rethink about the materials as not ‘mere things’, probably we can discover other aspects related to them. Then eventually we could find other ways to use them or different possibilities that we never realized before. Let’s say that these possibilities are not hidden, maybe they are already there but we simply didn’t notice them before.
– Koki Tanaka

The publication is published on the occasion of Koki Tanaka’s solo exhibition On a day to day basis at Vitamin Creative Space, which explores individual method developed by Koki to test the daily surrondings in Guangzhou, China.

English and Chinese |Concept & Designed by Koki Tanaka and Vitamin Creative Space| Sizes:19x14cm | Pages: 30 P | Vitamin Creative Space, 2011

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