Antony Gormley: Asian Field


The messages we gathered both from the Asian Field exhibition venue and the website, which are the fruits of intercourse between different lives and the Field installation, constitute the main content of the book Asian Field, with creative essay “Untitled Asian Field”, photographs and name list of makers and of those who have worked on the project as an important complement, hence a 3D depiction of the on-going exchanges between Asian Field and people.
Like the installation process of the 180,000 clay figures, editing of the messages has to take into consideration the multi-layered relations between the different nuances of meanings expressed by different viewers, with full respect for their own beauty and significance.
The simplicity and the almost invisible design of the book is in a way similar to Field which is in itself a discussion of the “nature” of humanity.
Through the media of paper, the Asian Field installation has achieved another extension and will give more people the opportunity to witness the interaction between Field and people in different spatio-temporal dimensions, thus revealing, from a socio-psychological angle, how the work is linked with the inner part of people-the very in-depth spirit of Field. With that, the concept of the work becomes clear: Field is a work about the interaction and thought-sharing between lives; it is a process, which involves exchanges and transformations that turned Field from an individual work of an artist to a collective work of numerous lives; and Field will never finish, nor will it belong to one particular person.
The book is a sincere revelation of the encounter of many lives with Field. Just as hoped by artist, this book will become an imprint of collective consciousness, through which audience like us enter Field and become its subject.


Editor: Vitamin Creative Space | Design: Wang Xu | Publisher:Hunan Art Publishing House
Pages: 496P | Dimensions: 22×16.8cm


安东尼•葛姆雷:Asian Field(土地) (1) 安东尼•葛姆雷:Asian Field(土地) (2) 安东尼•葛姆雷:Asian Field(土地) (3) 安东尼•葛姆雷:Asian Field(土地) (4) 安东尼•葛姆雷:Asian Field(土地) (5)